I went up the Kyoto Tower!

Kyoto Tower is only 131 meters high, but it is still the tallest structure in Kyoto City.
The height comes from the fact that the city’s population was 1.31 million when it opened in 1964.
In Kyoto, where it was said that no structure taller than the five-story pagoda of Toji Temple could be built, there are no tall buildings around, so climbing up to the observatory makes you feel as if you are in a much higher place.
The hotel has a large public bath on the third basement floor, a famous shopping area with Kyoto souvenirs on the first floor, restaurants on the third floor, and a direct underground passageway from Kyoto Station, making it rainless.
Kyoto Tower is a very convenient starting point for travel to Kyoto. It is recommended for killing time before and after taking the train.

Hours : 10:30 – 21:00 (last admission 20:30)
General admission : Adults 800 yen

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