Pilates and Yoga Class in Kyoto

There is a nice studio close to COMPASS.
It takes 15 minutes by bicycle. The teacher, Vanessa Luckx is from Belgium.
Anybody can join her class, regardless of gender, age and nationality!

About Teacher

Vanessa has always been passionate about movement. Professional dancer and Certified Pilates teacher since 2003, she completed her training with studies of Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga. And she has practiced Yoga for 20 years in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Turkey and New York. With 15 years of teaching experience in Europe and owner of a studio in Belgium, she opened in Kyoto the Yoga & Pilates studio Happynes’t. And she wants to share her experience with you.

If you are interested in her class, just message COMPASS. And we will inform you about details. You can catch the class with special price for guests who stay at COMPASS and book in advance!

いいね または フォローしてね!

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